How to purchase Recreation Program tickets.

Welcome to Recreation Events ticket sales. You may purchase tickets as a guest or sign into your household. (You do not have to be signed in to purchase.)

In the search area, leave the Type as Recreation Special Events. You may leave the Begin and End dates as a long-term range for all active Recreation Special Events. Leave the Begin Time as listed and click Search. If you know the exact date of the event enter it in the Begin Date and enter a minimum of 24 hours later in the End Date. The list of events will populate.

Select your event. Click on the shopping cart on the left side below the description. Enter your Headcount. Add the required information and select Add to Cart. A waiver page will appear that must be printed prior to continuing (send the signed form to Parks and Recreation Administration).

The payment options will appear. You have a choice to Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout. This screen is also where you may enter your Gift Certificate if applicable. Enter your Payment Type and continue to follow the screen directions.

In the final screen you have the option to print your tickets and receipt or accept as the pdf. Bring your bar-coded ticket or the pdf display to the event to be scanned for your admission to the event. Have a great time!

If you have questions call Parks and Recreation at 712-279-6126 during business hours.

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    TUB1819 - 01/24/2019 - 6:00P - Cone Prk Tube/Skate

    Please note: by purchasing tickets you agree to abide by all Cone Park waivers, rules, and regulations.

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